Stromal tumors
Postoperative spindle cell tumors

Author: Mohamed Desouki, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Definition / General
  • Postoperative spindle cell nodule
  • Post procedural, e.g. dilatation and curettage
  • Reparative proliferations of fibroblastic cells in response to an inciting factor
Clinical Features
  • Vaginal bleeding
Prognostic Factors
  • No recurrence reported even after incomplete excision
Case Reports
Micro Description
  • Dense cellular proliferation of mitotically active spindle cells which have elongated nuclei with evenly dispersed chromatin and abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm
  • Marked vascularity with extravasated RBCs and hemosiderin
  • Mitotic rate is often high, but abnormal mitoses or atypia are absent
Micro Images

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Bladder tumor

Negative Stains
Differential Diagnosis
  • Sarcoma NOS: Marked nuclear anaplasia, variable pleomorphism, 20+ mitotic figures/10 HPF; extensive necrosis is common
  • Sarcomatoid carcinoma / MMMT: biphasic with sarcomatoid and carcinomatous elements; angiolymphatic invasion common; keratin+