Stromal tumors
Endometrial stromal sarcoma

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Definition / General
  • 0.2% to 1.5% of uterine malignancies; < 10% of uterine sarcomas
  • Low grade or high grade
Diagrams / Tables
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Diagnostic algorithm for
uterine pure mesenchymal
neoplasms - need not
count mitotic figures
Gross Images
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Lobulated white fleshy tumor mass fills the uterine cavity

Micro Description
  • Resembles endometrial stromal nodules but with infiltration, defined as irregular, jagged islands or tongues of neoplastic stromal cells between smooth muscle bundles of the surrounding normal myometrium
  • May have angiolymphatic invasion (clumps of tumor cells present in spaces within the myometrium)
  • May have glands without cuff of hypercellular stroma seen in adenosarcoma
Positive Stains