Thyroid gland
Features to report for carcinoma

Author: Shahidul Islam, M.D., Ph.D. (see Authors page)

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Definition / general
  • Type of procedure
    • Lobectomy: one lobe, with or without isthmusectomy
    • Subtotal thyroidectomy: surgeon does NOT excise posterior capsule and small portion of thyroid gland in lobe not involved by lesion
    • Total thyroidectomy: entire gland, including posterior capsule, is removed
  • Histologic diagnosis (type and subtype)
  • Tumor location(s), presence of multicentricity
  • Tumor size (2 or 3 dimensions)
  • Presence of encapsulation
  • Presence of poorly differentiated component (solid areas or high grade cytologic features)
  • Capsular or vascular invasion (describe)
  • Extrathyroidal extension (describe, suggested to indicate gross or microscopic, Surgery 2008;144:942)
  • Status of surgical margins and distance of tumor from closest margin
  • Disease in nontumoral thyroid (adenoma, hyperplasia, lymphocytic / Hashimoto thyroiditis, C cell hyperplasia)
  • Presence (number) of parathyroid glands
  • Number and status of lymph nodes, if any
  • For metastatic lymph nodes, size of largest involved node, presence of extracapsular tumor
  • Correlate with FNA findings, if any
  • TNM stage
  • Optional: histologic grade, tumor necrosis, mitotic activity, ancillary tumor features