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Definition / general
  • Newly identified chemokine, described in both transmembrane and soluble forms
  • CXC Chemokine Ligand 16
  • Also named SR-PSOX (scavenger receptor that binds phosphatidylserine and oxidized lipoprotein)
  • Receptor is CXCR6
  • Scavenger receptor which regulates inflammation, tissue injury and fibrosis
  • Involved in cell adhesion and chemoattraction; also scavenger of oxidized lipoproteins including LDL (J Neurol 2014;261:1544)
  • Transmembrane CXCL16 is expressed on surface of macrophages, dendritic cells and monocytes, where it functions as an adhesion molecule for CXCR6+ immune cells (Mediators Inflamm 2014;2014:478641)
  • Transmembrane CXCL16 undergoes cleavage by metalloproteinases ADAM10 and ADAM17 before released in soluble form to outside of cell (Mediators Inflamm 2014;2014:478641)
  • Soluble CXCL16 prompts migration of CXCR6+ leukocytes
Clinical features
Uses by pathologists
  • No specific uses at this time
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia


Positive staining - normal
Positive staining - disease