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Proliferative peribursitis

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Definition / General
  • Reactive, angiomyxoid tumor-like mass near joints and ligaments
  • Not a WHO diagnosis
  • Poorly documented in literature
  • Can occur at any age
Clinical Features
  • Generally a complication of prior joint disease (e.g. degenerative joint disease, ruptured ganglion cyst), dislocation, or trauma
Micro Description
  • Low power: separate vascular and nonvascular regions; vascular region has cluster of thick vessels, often in nodular pattern, with pericyte cuff in myxoid substance
  • High power: evenly disbursed spindle cells with bipolar and stellate cells and scattered lymphocytes and histiocytes; histiocytes may contain vacuoles and resemble lipoblasts; may have cysts, some resembling ganglion cysts, with or without a synovial lining; occasionally have dense scar
Positive Stains
Differential Diagnosis
  • Myxoid liposarcoma: uniform round cells, delicate branching "chicken wire" vasculature, scattered uni- or bi-vacuolated monotonous lipoblasts
  • Myxoma: hypocellular, stellate cells only; no prominent vasculature