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Calcifying fibrous tumor

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Definition / General
  • Benign fibrous lesion with abundant hyalinized collagen, psammomatous or dystrophic calcifications and lymphocytic infiltration
  • Also called calcifying fibrous pseudotumor
  • First described in 1993 (Am J Surg Pathol 1993;17:502)
Clinical Features
Case Reports
  • Excision, rarely recurs
Gross Description
  • Well circumscribed but unencapsulated, variable size, may infiltrate into surrounding tissue, may have gritty cut surface
Gross Images

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Gray-white tumor with whorled cut surface

Micro Description
  • Paucicellular fibroblastic proliferation with lymphocytes (possibly lymphoid follicles), plasma cells, eosinophils, mast cells, dense collagenous tissue, varying degrees of calcification
  • Border is often at least partially infiltrative
Micro Images

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Courtesy of
Mark R. Wick, M.D.

vary in size

inflammation is

Adrenal gland tumor
has paucicellular fibrous
proliferation with focal

Omental tumor

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Psammoma body and lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate

Hyalinized collagen with psammoma body

Positive Stains
Electron Microscopy Description
  • Immature fibroblastic cells, collagen fibrils, dystrophic and psammomatous calcifications
Electron Microscopy Images

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Spindle cells

Differential Diagnosis
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