Benign lesions / conditions
Urethral polyps

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Definition / General
  • Common cause of hematuria in young adults
  • Benign, although prostatic adenocarcinoma can also present as a urethral polyp (Pathology 2007;39:476)
  • Transurethral fulguration
Gross Description
Micro Description
  • Tall columnar cells of prostatic origin, may have nephrogenic (adenomatoid) appearance
  • May coexist with carcinoma
  • Papillary projections often contain prostatic stroma and glands
  • Broad fingerlike projections differ from delicate fibrovascular cores of papillary urothelial carcinoma
Micro Images

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Cytology Description
Cytology Images

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Positive Stains
  • PSA, PAP
Differential Diagnosis
  • Villous polyps: dysplastic epithelium resembles colonic adenomas, are actually papillary prostatic duct adenocarcinomas