Lung tumor
Lymphoma and lymphoid infiltrates
Hodgkin lymphoma

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Definition / General
  • Very rare (< 100 cases reported) as primary tumor of lung; secondary involvement more common
  • By definition, primary lung disease is restricted to lung with no involvement of hilar nodes
  • Usually good prognosis, but fatal cases occur
Case Reports
Gross Description
  • Nodular or multinodular lesions in upper lung
Micro Description
  • Typical Reed-Sternberg cells, mononuclear cells, lacunar variants in background of mixed inflammatory infiltrate
  • Rarely granulomatous inflammation simulating tuberculosis
Micro Images

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Fig 3A: CD15; Fig 3B: CD30

Positive Stains
  • CD15, CD30
Negative Stains
  • Reed-Sternberg like cells: CD45, CD20, CD3, EMA
Differential Diagnosis