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Definition / General
  • #2 most common salivary gland tumor of lung, may arise from submucus bronchial glands
  • Usually in large bronchi, may involve the trachea
  • M:F 2:1
  • Prolonged course, but overall prognosis is poor
  • Frequent metastases to regional lymph nodes and lung parenchyma
  • Radiation therapy (palliative)
Gross Description
  • Large, centrally located, polypoid, intrabronchial mass, or may grow subepithelially along bronchi causing thickened bronchial wall
Gross Images

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75 year old woman with 1 cm lung lesion

Micro Description
  • Cylindromatous, tubular, and solid patterns of microcystic spaces containing mucin, surrounded by small tumor cells
  • Defining features are pseudocysts (rounded extracellular space containing basal lamina), intercellular spaces, basal lamina and true glandular lumens (Hum Pathol 1982;13:916)
Micro Images

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14 year old girl with 11 cm lung mass

75 year old woman with 1 cm lung lesion: H&E, TTF1

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Differential Diagnosis