Kidney tumor - cysts, children, adult benign
Benign (usually) adult tumors
Solitary fibrous tumor

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Definition / General
  • Benign (90%) tumor of patternless or storiform spindle cells with bland nuclear features, mixed with dense collagen
  • See also Soft tissue tumor chapter
  • Rare in kidney, arises from serosal surfaces of pleura and other sites
Clinical Features
Case Reports
  • Excision
  • Almost always benign behavior
Gross Description
  • Large (up to 14 cm, Am J Surg Pathol 2001;25:1194), well circumscribed
  • Slightly nodular, grayish tan firm cut surface with hemorrhage / cystic change
Gross Images

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Various images

Malignant tumor

Micro Description
  • Patternless, hemangiopericytomatous or storiform pattern of bland spindle cells mixed with dense collagenous bands that may entrap renal tubules
  • Variable lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate, variable myxoid change
  • Usually no necrosis, no cystic change and no mitotic figures
Micro Images

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Patternless pattern of bland spindle cells

Various images malignant tumor

Entrapped renal tubules

Malignant tumor with atypia and mitotic figures

Left: CD34+, right: vimentin

Top to bottom: CD34+, CD99+, Ki67

Positive Stains
Negative Stains
Electron Microscopy Description
  • Fibroblast-like cells (irregular nuclei, prominent Golgi, branching rough endoplasmic reticulum, variable mitochondria and intermediate filaments, no thin filaments with focal densities, no tonofilaments and no cell-cell junctions)
  • No myoepithelial or epithelial differentiation
Differential Diagnosis