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Definition / General
  • T cell cell surface protein that plays important role in T cell-B cell interaction in early lymphoid development
  • Member of immunoglobulin superfamily at 17q25.2-25.3
  • Membrane expression early during T cell development, before TCR rearrangement; persists until terminal stages of T cell development (OMIM #186820)
  • Has costimulatory activity for T cells (Immunol Res 2001;24:31)
  • Binds galectin-1 and is essential for galectin-1-mediated T-cell death; loss of CD7 expression and altered cellular glycosylation may contribute to apoptosis resistance in mycosis fungoides (Mod Pathol 2003;16:543)
Clinical Features
Uses by Pathologists
Micro Images

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Normal tonsil

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is CD7+

Angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma is CD7+

Cutaneous T cell lymphoma

Positive Staining - Normal
  • Thymocytes, mature T cells (85%), NK cells (majority, Blood 2009;114:4823)
  • Also monocytes, pluripotent hematopoietic progenitor cells, early myeloid cells, pre-B cells
Positive Staining - Disease
Negative Staining
  • Mature B cells, basophils, granulocytes
  • B cell ALL, mycosis fungoides, adult T cell leukemia / lymphoma (Histopathology 2009;54:214)