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Galactocele of breast

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Definition / General
  • Milk filled retention cyst beneath areola, common in young women who are pregnant or breast feeding
  • Due to abrupt cessation of lactation
Essential Features
  • Milk filled retention cyst due to blockade of breast duct
  • Occurs in young women who are pregnant or breast feeding
  • Mass lesion on imaging, mimics lipoma or cancer (history is helpful)
  • FNA / histology shows fat/protein contents, inflammation, debris and secretory epithelial cells
  • Benign; diagnostic aspiration may be curative
  • Blockage of breast duct due to lactation
Radiology Description
  • Mammogram: oval circumscribed mass with high radiolucency due to high fat content (mimics lipoma)
Radiology Images
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Case Reports
  • Aspiration or no treatment
Micro Description
  • Dilated, anastomosing, epithelium lined channels, often with secretory activity
  • Cyst contents may leak into adjacent tissue and cause lipogranulomatous reaction with foamy macrophages (J Cutan Pathol 2010;37:973)
Cytology Images
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27 year old woman with 1.5 cm nontender breast nodule and FNAC