Adrenal gland and paraganglia
Pheochromocytoma / paraganglioma

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Pathologic TNM staging of pheochromocytoma / paraganglioma (AJCC 8th Edition)

Primary tumor (pT)
  • pTX: Primary tumor cannot be assessed
  • pT1: Pheochromocytoma < 5 cm
  • pT2: Pheochromocytoma 5 cm or larger OR sympathetic paraganglioma
  • pT3: Invasion into surrounding tissues (including extra-adrenal adipose)
Regional lymph nodes (pN)
Includes aortic and retroperitoneal nodes for abdominal and pelvic tumors
  • pNX: Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
  • pN0: No regional lymph node metastasis
  • pN1: Regional lymph node metastasis
Distant Metastasis (pM)
  • pM1a: Metastasis to bone
  • pM1b: Metastasis to non-regional lymph node, liver or lung
  • pM1c: Metastasis to bone and multiple other sites
AJCC Prognostic Stage Groups
  • Stage I: T1 N0 M0
  • Stage II: T2 N0 M0
  • Stage III: T1 N1 M0 or T2 N1 M0 or T3 N0-1 M0
  • Stage IV: T1-3 N0-1 M1