Leukemia - Acute

Authors: Daniela Mihova, M.D.; Syed Zaidi, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Table of contents

Primary referencesacute leukemia-generalAML generalAML classificationtransient abnormal myelopoiesis

Recurrent genetic abnormalities: AML with t(6;9)AML with t(8;21)AML with 11q23 abnormalitiesAML with inv(16) or t(16;16)AML with Down syndromeAML with FLT3 mutationsAML with myelodysplastic related changesAML therapy relatedAPL microgranular variantAPL with t(15;17)APL with t(V;17)APL therapy related

AML not otherwise categorized: minimally differentiated (M0)without maturation (M1)with maturation (M2)M3myelomonocyticmonoblastic and monocyticerythroidmegakaryoblasticCD13/CD33 negativebasophilicmyeloid sarcomaacute panmyelosis with myelofibrosiswith Philadelphia chromosomewith pseudo Chediak-Higashi anomalyhypocellular

ALL: generalWHO classificationwith eosinophilia

PreB ALL: generalt(9;22)t(v;11q23)t(1;19)t(5;14)t(12;21)hyperdiploidyhypodiploidymature B ALL/Burkitt

Other ALL: T ALLambiguous lineagemixed phenotype

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Index (table of contents in alphabetical order)

Miscellaneous: acute leukemia-generalacute panmyelosis with myelofibrosistransient abnormal myelopoiesis

ALL: ambiguous lineagegeneralmixed phenotypeWHO classificationwith eosinophiliaT-ALL

B-ALL: generalmature/Burkittwith hyperdiploidywith hypodiploidywith t(1;19)with t(5;14) with t(9;22)with t(12;21)with t(v;11q23)

AML: basophilicCD13/CD33 negativeclassificationerythroidgeneralhypocellularM3megakaryoblasticminimally differentiated (M0)monoblastic and monocyticmyeloid sarcomamyelomonocytictherapy relatedwith 11q23 abnormalitieswith Down syndromewith FLT3 mutationswith inv(16) or t(16;16)with maturation (M2)with myelodysplastic related changeswith Philadelphia chromosomewith pseudo Chediak-Higashi anomalywith t(6;9)with t(8;21)without maturation (M1)

APL: microgranular variant therapy relatedwith t(15;17)with t(V;17)

Primary references

Brunning: Tumors of the Bone Marrow (AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology, Series 3, Vol 9, 1994)

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