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Primary references

Cystic non-neoplastic lesions: acquired cystic kidney disease,  autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease   autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease   cystic renal dysplasia,  glomerulocystic kidney   medullary sponge kidney   mesothelial cysts   nephronophthisis   simple cysts

Childhood neoplasms: anaplastic sarcoma   clear cell sarcoma   mesoblastic nephroma   metanephric stromal tumor   nephroblastomatosis / nephrogenic rests   neuroblastoma   oncocytoid carcinoma after neuroblastoma   ossifying tumor   renal cell carcinoma   rhabdoid tumor   translocation carcinoma (children)   Wilms’ tumor of children

Benign (usually) adult tumors: classification   angiomyolipoma   cystic nephroma   epithelioid angiomyolipoma   fibroepithelial polyp of renal pelvis   glomus   hemangioma   inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor   juxtaglomerular   leiomyoma   lipoma   lymphangioma   medullary fibroma   metanephric adenofibroma   metanephric adenoma   mixed epithelial and stromal   myelolipoma   oncocytoma   oncocytosis   papillary adenoma   pelvic lipomatosis   perineurioma   schwannoma   sinus histiocytosis   solitary fibrous tumor   spiradenocylindroma

Adult renal carcinoma: classification   renal cell carcinoma-general   adenocarcinoma of renal pelvis   acquired cystic disease related   adult papillary renal tumor with oncocytic cells   chromophobe   clear cell   clear cell-cystic   clear cell-eosinophilic   clear cell-rhabdoid   clear cell papillary    collecting duct   lymphoepithelioma-like   medullary   metastases   mucinous tubular and spindle cell   papillary   primary thyroid-like follicular   rhabdoid   sarcomatoid   small cell   squamous cell   translocation (adult)   tubulocystic   unclassified   urothelial   urothelial variants

Other adult malignancies: angiosarcoma   carcinoid   Castleman’s   clear cell sarcoma of soft parts   desmoplastic small round   Ewing’s/PNET   hemangioblastoma   hemangiopericytoma   leiomyosarcoma   leukemia   lymphoma   metanephric adenosarcoma   myxoma   post-kidney transplant   sarcoma   synovial sarcoma   teratoma   Wilms’-adult

Adult malignancies-miscellaneous: features to report   frozen sections   grossing   staging   staging-renal pelvis   nuclear grading


Index (table of contents in alphabetical order)
A-E: acquired cystic disease related renal cell carcinoma   acquired cystic kidney disease   adenocarcinoma of renal pelvis   adult papillary renal tumor with oncocytic cells   anaplastic sarcoma   angiomyolipoma   angiosarcoma   autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease   autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease   carcinoid   Castleman’s   chromophobe   classification   classification of renal cell carcinoma   clear cell carcinoma   clear cell-cystic   clear cell-eosinophilic   clear cell-rhabdoid   clear cell papillary carcinoma   clear cell sarcoma (children)   clear cell sarcoma of soft parts (adults)   collecting duct carcinoma   cystic nephroma   cystic renal dysplasia   desmoplastic small round cell tumor   epithelioid angiomyolipoma   Ewing’s/PNET

F-N: features to report   fibroepithelial polyp of renal pelvis   frozen sections   glomerulocystic kidney   glomus   grossing   hemangioblastoma   hemangioma   hemangiopericytoma   inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor   juxtaglomerular   leiomyoma   leiomyosarcoma   leukemia   lipoma   lymphangioma   lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma   lymphoma   medullary carcinoma   medullary fibroma   medullary sponge kidney   mesoblastic nephroma   mesothelial cysts   metanephric adenofibroma   metanephric adenoma   metanephric adenosarcoma   metanephric stromal tumor   metastases   mixed epithelial and stromal   mucinous tubular and spindle cell carcinoma   myelolipoma   myxoma   nephroblastomatosis / nephrogenic rests   nephronophthisis   neuroblastoma   nuclear grading

O-Z: oncocytoid carcinoma after neuroblastoma   oncocytoma   oncocytosis   ossifying tumor   papillary adenoma   papillary renal cell carcinoma   pelvic lipomatosis   perineuriomapost-transplant tumors   primary thyroid-like follicularrenal cell carcinoma (children)   renal cell carcinoma (adults)   rhabdoid tumor (children)   rhabdoid (adult)   sarcoma   sarcomatoid carcinoma   schwannoma   simple cysts   sinus histiocytosis   small cell carcinoma,  solitary fibrous tumor   spiradenocylindroma   squamous cell carcinoma   staging   staging-renal pelvis   synovial sarcoma   teratomatranslocation carcinoma (children)   translocation carcinoma (adult)   tubulocystic carcinoma   unclassified carcinoma   urothelial carcinoma   urothelial variants   Wilms’ tumor of children   Wilms’-adult

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Primary references

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Websites: PathoPic, Webpathology.com
Virtual slides: University of Iowa, USCAP

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