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Pathologist Jobs Report: latest report - 2016 Summary, posted 14 February 2017

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To post your ad, email the text (up to 300 words, preferably in Word format), your logo (optional) and your contact information to [email protected] and [email protected]. We recommend a contact email or fax for a better response. We post within one business day unless we did not receive your email. Once posted, we will invoice you and provide payment instructions. Ads are posted until filled, up to 6 months (there is no discount for a shorter posting). The cost is:

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You can also pay by calling / faxing your credit card number, or by check / money order (US / Canada only). Prepayment is required for advertisers who are new, outside the US / Canada or who were previously "past due". All recent job ads are posted in our biweekly Job email sent to 4900+ subscribers; we will highlight your ad in this email blast for an extra $250. Frequently Asked Questions, Testimonials

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